April 6, 2011

Put HIM first!

   Is God first in my life?  It's a question I ask my self often. Too many other things try to creep into your top priority spot. The world has the idea  that jobs, money , possessions, etc. need to be top priority, but as a christian, I know this is not right. God needs to be my top priority. My  relationship with Him needs to be my main focus.

    What can we do to make God first?  Try abstaining from tv, internet, ipod, etc. for a week. Read your Bible more, read inspirational books, pray, get outside, exercise! The possibilities are endless. There are so many better things to do than watch tv and surf the internet. So, if for the next week , there are no new blog posts on my blog, just remember that I'm try to grow closer to God , and my family!

       Have a wonderful day in JESUS!!!!!!!

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