May 29, 2011

Stop and Worship

       Hi, Everyone! Sorry it's been like 10 days since my last post! I have been so busy the past week! Whew! But , I thank the Lord that He brought me through! I graduated high school yesterday ! Yay ! Class of 2011!

        Anyways,  Today's post is entitled Stop and Worship because.................................

      Have you ever been so busy, and things are so hectic that you fail to remember God all day? You skip your devotions because you just have so much to do?

      That's the way Martha was in the Bible. You can read about it in Luke 10. She was so busy cooking and cleaning that she didn't even stop to worship Jesus. She even accused Mary of not doing her share. But Mary was right where she needed to be. She needed to be there worshiping her Savior and listening to him share so many beautiful thoughts. She was in just the right spot.

                   I want to be a Mary ! How about you?

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