July 11, 2012

Life is about HIM

" Being one with Jesus means that you will never be slighted or offended by what people say or do, because you know that life isnt about you. Life is about HIM, and that gives you freedom from shame and embarrassment, because nothing you do is about you, but everything is about doing the will of GOD. When you submit to the will of God and lean on Him, honoring Him , and humbling yourself as Christ humbled Himself, you become one with Him, and whn you are one with Christ Himself, you are free to live with all the power with which he lived."

Written by : Hayley Dimarco (author of God Girl)

This morning, I opened my devotional book, "God Girl" written by Hayley Dimarco.. Let me just say that I was speechless after I read the above statement. It is so powerful and beautiful, yet so challenging and somewhat intimidating. I AM offended by what some people say, I AM hurt when people say mean things. This means that I am not totally surrendered to Jesus. I have to be so close to Christ, so concerned about bringing honor and glory to HIM, that NOTHING hurts or offends me.

LORD, Draw me nearer to YOU today. Bring me into complete harmony with You. I love You, and I praise You for the many ways You have blessed me. Thank You for dying for me, and for each and every person who believes in YOU. AMEN.


  1. Sarah You are so precious!! I love this & thanks so much for sharing!! I agree I need to be more concerned about bringing honor & glory to him as well! So glad I'm following your blog now =D

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog, and I have to say, it's adorable:) I'd love it if we followed each other!

    Shelby xoxo