August 1, 2013


     I'll be the first to admit that my priorities are frequently in the wrong place. Most all the time, I fail to put God first in my day & in my life. This is not where I want to be! I desire to put HIM first, but I let life distract me, and I allow the things of this world to suck me in. These worldly things will fade away, but my relationship with Jesus will last forever.

LORD, I want to always put you first!


  1. Sarah as old as I am I forget this too! Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Hey there! Just stopping by to say thanks a bunch for the follow on Bloglovin'! I'm happy to be following you back :o) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. wow keep that faith girl I really do appreciate it :D

    please check out my blog!

  4. It's so important to keep things in perspective and prioritize!