December 8, 2011


 Hi, friends! I'm back! I just needed some time to get my thoughts together, and to focus on what's truly important.

   I have been asking myself a certain question lately : What's number 1 in my life? Is it God? . If i were to honestly and truly answer this question, the answer would be NO, and i don't like that. I love my Lord so much, and He deserves to be # 1 in my life.

So, here's a peek into my Prayer Journal:

November 4, 2011
    Dear Lord,
  Whew! I am tired but so blessed! Thank you for blessing me! You are so special to me! I want my life to honor and glorify your holy name! I want to make a commitment to journalize every day, and to pray throughout every day. Give me a contrite heart , so I will truly be sorry for my sins. I lover you very much and I want that to be clearly evident in my life!
  Please help me to be diligent in my worship, family, hobbies , and school. Please help me to do my best in everything! 

              Your Princess   

Maybe, I will make " A peek into my prayer journal" a regular on my blog! 

Have a great weekend!

~ Sarah

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