January 12, 2011

Though none go with me..............................


             Last night , I watched a movie entitled: " Though none go with me" . In the movie, the main character, Elizabeth, went through so many losses. She lost so many people close to her.  She made a commitment to the Lord, that she would follow Him no matter what.

             We need to make that same commitment to Him. We need to choose to follow Him, no matter what. Even  if we are the only ones who choose to follow Him. Though none go with me, still i will follow! No turning back!

              Do you choose to commit your life to Jesus? to follow Him no matter what? Make a commitment to Him today!




  1. Great post! I have not heard of this movie, but will look for it! Thx!

  2. you're welcome! That post was kinda short, but I'm glad you liked it! The movie is : " Though None go with me." You could probably look for it on amazon, or at Family Christian Stores.

    God Bless!