February 7, 2011

Is Christ first in my life?

                 Sorry ,  it's been a few days since my last post! :-)

               When you wake up in the morning, what's the first thing you do? Some people might say shower, or eat breakfast, or workout , etc. But you know what the most important thing to do first thing in the morning? Pray and study the Bible. I really struggle with this. I know that I need to do that first thing, but my mind immediately tries to focus on other things. And then when I do my devotions, it's hard to concentrate on it. I'm thinking about others things, and I'm not really focusing on the most important thing in my life, GOD! He needs to be first in my life! I ask you all to please pray for me as I try to make Him my main focus today and every day. It can be very difficult! Satan tries to throw things in your life to take your focus off Christ. The last thing he wants in for Christ to be our main focus. I'm not going to make satan glad!  I'm gonna make Christ happy! What about you?

                Praying for you all,


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