February 9, 2011

Wonders of God's Creation Wednesday!


                       I seen other blogs do a series of posts on certain days each week. I thought about what I could do on Wednesday, and I thought maybe I can post pictures of Wonders of God's Creation, and talk a little about them. So here it goes!
                                         Here's a picture of Niagara Falls:
                                 ...................... and here's a picture of Niagara Falls frozen!

I would love to go to Niagara Falls one day. The pictures are beautiful , but I know it would be much prettier in person! It looks so majestic and  beautiful. It reminds me of the God of the Universe. Only He could create such a magnificent spectacle! The second picture is of a frozen Niagara Falls! Do you know how cold it has to get to freeze a waterfall! That's amazing!

Dear Lord, 
You are the creator of the universe! I know that I can leave my problems in your hands! You are in control! I love You!

Your Child

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