December 31, 2010

Have faith down to the last crumb...............................

       1 Kings 17:10-24  ( I'm not going to type this whole thing , but grab a Bible and read it for yourself.)

  In 1 Kings chapter 17, there is a story about a widow and her son. They were starving, and had only a little meal and oil to make a little bit of bread . They would eat the bread, then eventually die from starvation. Then, the prophet Elijah came to her house, and told her to make him some bread. She told him that she had only a little food for she and her son, and if she made him some, there would not be enough for them. He told her to have faith , and make him a " cake " first, and then make some for herself and her son. She did as she was told.  

   The Bible says in 1 Kings 17:16 says: " And the barrel of meat wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail, according to the word of the Lord, which he spake by Elijah."   Since she had faith , and made Elijah some food first, the Lord blessed her with an endless supply of ingredients she needed to make bread! God was teaching her a lesson, and through this story He is teaching us too.  Have faith that the Lord will provide for your needs. Put Him first, and He will take care of you. Have faith down to the last crumb!

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