December 19, 2010


 J esus First
O thers Second
Y ourself Last

          Have you ever heard of this acronym?  It says that Putting Jesus first, others second, and yourself last will bring you JOY!  It can be hard to put Jesus , and others before yourself! We are selfish humans who want to be first! But to be a true Christian we must live as He would want us to!
          Putting Jesus first means: Putting Him first in your day, reading your Bible and praying first thing! It also means putting His will before your own! Ask Him to work out all things according to His will! It is very important to put Jesus first before everything! He is our creator and God!

            Putting others second means: Helping others who are in need. It is important not to be selfish, and give to others from what God has blessed us with!

            Putting yourself last can be hard.  Everyone likes to be first! But , God can give us the strength to let go of our selfish nature, and do His will!

             Dear Lord,  please help us to put You first!

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