November 18, 2010

Prayer- God's Ultimate Cell Phone

Cell phones are a great invention. You can call someone up , no matter how far away you are from them, and carry on a conversation. Even if you are 3,000 miles away , you can call them , and talk to them instantly ( if they answer their phone of course). Prayer is a lot like that, but better! We can "call" God up anytime , anywhere, and talk to Him. God's Cell Phone is great! It never loses tower, it never runs out of minutes, and it's free! God is always there waiting to answer our "call" , but he never forces us to call. He longs with all of His heart to commune with us , talk with us, for us to share each and every sorrow, joy , or burden!  Psalm 6:9 says:
" The Lord hath heard my supplication, the Lord will receive my prayer." Will you give HIM a "call" today?


  1. Jesus is: Accessible, Available, Interruptible, Charitable... And the ultimate act of His charity, the ultimate act of His love, is the sacrifice of Himself.